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A comprehensive Quality System has been developed by the Leadership Team here at Taylor Press Products. The Quality System focuses on the sequence and interaction of processes, and on the risk and opportunities that relate to conformity and customer satisfaction. The system also requires the Leadership Team to manage change in a systematic manner.


   • Performance and Evaluation

      • Internal Audit

      • Management Review

      • Customer Satisfaction

      • Monitoring and Measurement

   • Improvement

      • Non-Conformity and Corrective Action

      • Continual Improvement


   • Benchmarking

   • Project Management and Tracking

   • 6S

• Special Processes

   • Coating System Assessment (CQI-12)

   • Welding System Assessment (CQI-15)

• 3rd Party Failure Analysis

   • Mechanical and Composition Analysis

• Resources

   • Minitab 17 – Statistical software used for quality improvement

   • Quality Companion 3 – Quality improvement projects software

   • Corrective Action – Organize, track and resolve quality and  

      business related issues software

   • GageTrack – Calibration management software

   • Supplier Rating Manager – Manage suppliers performance software

   • Maintenance Log Pro – Scheduling and documenting equipment 

      maintenance software

   • Training Manager – Schedule, track and report employee training   

      and certification software

   • Audit Master – Create, manage and scheduling software

   • Document Control – Track, organize, and manage any type of

      documentation software

Data Collection Methods

• Computerized data collection throughout process with detailed Process Instructions

• Material heat traceability through Access database with assigned lot numbers

• Equipment calibrated and tracked with GageTrak software; GR&R capabilities

• Welded items verified through cut and etch for penetration measurement

• SPC and Cpk for special characteristics and process capability with Minitab

• Able to comply with FMVSS

• Engagement of Team: employees are trained with formal training, videos and hands-on experience

• Adhesion and thickness tested

• Measuring capabilities include digital calipers, height gages, micrometers, protractors, torque wrenches,

   push-out tester, and FARO arm technology with CAM2Q CAD based metrology software

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